Devilish Delight

The E36 M3 is a legend among cars and the cream of the crop with regards to the E36 range. It's a car that you would want to park inside your house and next to your bed, where you could keep a close eye on it. It's also a car that if you did park it anywhere outside, by the time you got back to it would either be stolen or have people praying to it.

Sadly there few examples of these fine machines around and if you do see one, it looks like it's just been driven in a destruction derby. However there is always one bright spark that knows a good car when he sees one and is willing to take care of it.  We found that guy and he goes by the Name of (1M3 2 NV). Kevin is the second owner of the car.
Anyway he bought it and as they say "the rest is history" His car honestly looks like it's been driven around covered in bubble wrap it's entire life!

The E36 M3 is a fairly old car right, so therefore one would expect it to have a "healthy" number of kms on the clocks. Kevin has spend four year work in this car from lights, rims, engine and sound. The engine is been worked by Dido Motor and is how pushing well over the 250 Kw's

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Exterior eye catchers includes sunroof that allows Kevin to wipe clean the roof of his car as he's driving along and the boot spoiler which makes the car look a bit more aggressive. Kevin then started looking into market for some new shiny rims and when he found a set of the
German spec M3 rims he fainted, woke up opened his wallet and said"gimme"

The feel Kev was looking for is a TRUE "greman BMW M3" with a touch of style but he still had the STD sound system in the car. I trip to Boomtown soon saw Kevin spend the next 4 months with planning a sound system that looks like and sound no other EVER done by the team at Boomtown, and boy did they ………… They started by fitting a top-notch head unit to the car which has so many functions the manual looks like a novel.

Next was the doors and the rest of the car which all was done in fibre glass and leather . The boot was redone is full fibre glass and MA Audio , 2  split systems for the front with a set of co-axial handle the rear fill with the necessary power to the setup. To clean up all signals, an equalizer in the form of the MA Audio MPE200 was filled. In the center of the boot 3X 10 inch top end subs each with its own
amp are used and the end product  is a car that looks and sound so
good you never want to get out ! Total spend on sound about the 75K mark

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